In the final part of this planning series, we look at steps 10 to 12.  This is often the element that people find the most stressful, so be prepared and plan the next two steps in detail.

House Move Plan

‘’ Good planning without good working is nothing’’ Swight D Eisenhower

10 Completion

If you have everything set up from step 09 Preparing for Completion, then Completion should only take a day.  Your solicitor will draw down funds from your mortgage lender and transfer them to the seller’s solicitor.  Once completion is confirmed, the conveyancer will contact you and your estate agent to inform that the keys can be collected.

It’s time to celebrate, the house is yours to make a home.  But now the hard work begins.

11 Moving In image of figures at a removals van to illustrate a stress free house move

Depending on whether you have decided on a cleaner, packing and unpacking service and the distance of your move, then this process can take 1-3 days.If you have chosen to do it all yourself, you will probably move all your belongings in a day, but the cleaning and unpacking is likely to take weeks or even months.Some people still have boxes that they are yet to unpack, years after they have moved in.

12 After Your Move

The first things that you need to do after your move is to make sure you change your address with you bank, employer, driving licence, car insurance and any other company that has your address on their records.  This can take months. 

With a month of completion, your conveyancer will undertake several items that you should be aware of:

  • Registered transfer of ownership with the land registry.Image of a womans hand collecting the key to her new home, to illustrate a detailed guide to home buying
  • Pay the HMRC Stamp Duty Land Tax or Land Transaction Tax on your behalf.
  • Send you a notice informing you of the balance of funds. 
  • Proof of any indemnities instructed.
  • Arrange for a new share certificate to be issued if you have a share of freehold purchase.

So that’s it – easy eh!  Next week I’ll share a plan template with you that you can use to schedule your own move. 

If you don’t have time for all of this, please contact Inca Home Moves who will plan it all for you.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about these steps or previous steps, please post them below.